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Want a Job? The Metaverse Is Hiring

Experts say jobs in the virtual sphere will be available this year as the Metaverse continues to grow as an economic community. With the expansion of real-world and digital brands into the Metaverse, including Samsung's recent launch of a virtual flagship store on the blockchain, more companies are exploring business opportunities with "Web 3.0."

According to a new report, jobs will be created.

A number of job opportunities will be available within - and supporting - the Metaverse:

  • Developing a brand's presence in the Metaverse with marketing experts
  • Developers and content creators within the Metaverse
  • Venture capitalists specializing in metaverse investments
  • Gamers earning money from play

Brands will likely hire employees specializing in metaverse activities or hire outside firms to help with everything from marketing strategy to virtual product design and development. If you consider the Metaverse a whole new world, companies will have to staff up to meet the increasing demand for content, products, and services.

Getting the most out of your money

The trend of gaming-for-pay took off during the pandemic in the Philippines, making it another potential career path. CNBC reported that people playing Axie Infinity, a game developed by SkyMavis, earned non-fungible tokens that they converted into cryptocurrency and then traded for cash.

The idea of monetizing eSports is not new. In the U.S., a mid-to-high-tier pro-gamer can earn between $50,000 and $75,000 per year, not counting prize money, sponsorships, revenue from streaming, and endorsement deals, according to The Metaverse, however, could make it easier and more accessible for anybody - not just diehard gamers - to make money in their free time.

It's not just within the Metaverse where new jobs will emerge, according to The news outlet called the metaverse "one of the world's biggest infrastructure projects." Web 3.0 will need roughly 100X the computing power available in the world right now, Intel estimates. People will need to build that infrastructure. And chip manufacturers, already struggling to keep up with worldwide demand, may need to increase their manufacturing capacity, factories, and staff to supply the Metaverse with the processing power it requires.

Make your money work harder for you.

Right now, according to CNBC, most brands aren't making much money on their blockchain projects. It's more about becoming early adopters and solidifying their presence. Much like in the earlier days of Google, companies rushed to build a website and have it rank in the search engine, a presence in the Metaverse could become an expectation for major brands sooner than most would imagine. A digital version of a Gucci bag was recently sold on Roblox for more than the real thing.

What should we take away? During this decade, graduates entering the workforce may have more opportunities than ever before to work with their favorite brands, help create an emerging virtual world, or just earn money by playing games on their phones.