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INSIDER LEAK! Cardano Vasil Hardfork Delay Inevitable

"I feel like the mid-month update was a lie." Says prominent Cardano insider "I've seen what they've got and it's just not ready"... with only two weeks left before the planned launch, hitting deadlines is looking increasingly unlikely.

Major issues have been discovered in the Cardano Vasil hard-fork that look likely to push the release date back as far as August, but the IOG mid-month update claims everything is going according to plan.

"I feel like the mid-month update was a lie." alledges prominent Cardano insider "I've seen what they've got and it's just not ready"

For the Vasil hard-fork to be a success stake pool operators (SPO's) need to be able to transition to the latest update - but with only two weeks left before the planned launch, hitting deadlines is looking increasingly unlikely.

"The public test-net hasn't even started" our source claims "Stake pool operators are still in the dark, even if you don't believe what I'm saying, the facts will bear it out... at the very least the public test net should have started by now and it's nowhere to be seen"

"It's just bad organisation on their part, it's terrible for stakeholders - it's been radio silence, they just haven't communicated the issues and are looking to move the goalposts".

Members with access to the private test-net claim it's simply not yet ready and is unlikely to see a full rollout on schedule.

"They could have come clean at the mid-month development update." the insider continued "They know full well where they are and how long it's going to take. That would have been the right thing to do." Our source further claimed that a previous infographic with dates for the Vasil hard-fork had been edited by IOG"

"They treat the builders badly, treats the developers badly, and nobody is keeping IOG accountable. How many times they've lied?  Well, they do it because they know they're going to get away with it!"

Crypto Magazine reached out to members of IOG and the Cardano Foundation for comment. @benohanlon, Head of Community at IOG when asked for a comment on the as-yet-unannounced delays of the Vasil hard-fork replied "lol", adding that he thought the question itself was a joke.

"They do it on purpose, they create these bubbles, they trade on this knowledge and sometimes with leverage... I'm sure a lot of people lost a fortune on the Gogen summit" our source continued, "We were led to believe smart-contracts were here, the price pumped, and IOG have probably all cashed out at this point."

Credit to @Cardians_ for the infographic

Despite the harsh critique of IOG, our source added that they consider IOG and Emergo to be "good people with good intentions" and certainly are not acting with criminal intent, suggesting instead that IOG sufferers from serious internal disorganisation. Our source went as far as to say that Charles Hoskinson suffers a kind of dictator's dilemma, only receiving gets good information because people are afraid of him. "You either suck up to him or you leave IOG".

"If you want to criticize Charles you have to leave IOG - he's unfirable, and he's surrounded by yes-men. That's part of the problem, he receives poor information because people are afraid to tell him what is going on"

Things might not be perfect now, but that is the nature of growth and development in blockchain projects. Cardano can and will get there, the Cardano Defi Alliance are making leaps and bounds to make positive change. Hydra is a revolutionary reinterpretation of the Bitcoin Lightning Network based on fundamentally better technology. With Orbis, the CDA, MLabs, DCSpark, and more the ecosystem is growing, and slowly these new custodians of the ecosystem are pushing IOG out. There are good things on the horizon, but IOG isn't the golden goose, the Cardano developer community is.