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MEE6 NFT Disaster - Founders Facing Fraud Allegations

Members of the MEE6 community calling themselves the "MEE6 RefugEEs" have established a parallel discord server to discuss legal action against the tragically incompetant company.

Endless delays, incompetent moderation, promises unfulfilled and all the project liquidity sold off on exchanges, it's easy to see why some are calling the MEE6 NFT launch an utter failure, but could the team behind it face legal consequences?

Launching on March 24th 2022 and due revealed days after the close of its final presale, it was clear that the MEE6 NFT project was off to a rocky start when only 40% of its initial presale allocation minted out. Minting initially for 'OGs' at 0.18 ETH and later in a public sale for 0.25 ETH, the floor price has since collapsed after a series of bungled attempts to airdrop holders failed catastrophically.

Far behind schedule for their MEE6 roadmap and with fast promises of a 'community token platform' to launch in Q2 of 2022 (already delayed substantially) it's starting to appear that many of the promises made by the team were little more than a pessimistic attempt to extract as much wealth as possible, sacrificing the reputability of the MEE6 company in the process.

Working on behalf of the MEE6 team under a third-party contractor company "WeRunCrypto" Limitless#0482 posted an update on April 22nd announcing that the first of their promised products (a cryptocurrency discord plugin) would be delayed. As of the time of writing,  almost two months later no updates on the underlying product have been provided.

In addition to their product woes, it seems the utter incompetence of the MEE6 team can't even get a generative profile picture right. There have been to date now fewer than five "official" delays and a total of SEVEN actual delays of products being shipped. During this time the team (unannounced) liquidated their entire crypto holdings generated by the presale.

In response to members of the presale starting to leave negative reactions on announcement posts, the team have since resorted to spamming generic reactions and creating fake discord accounts to keep the chats active.

Moderators of the discord servers often promise an end to delays before deleting their own messages, and members of the MEE6 community calling themselves the "MEE6 RefugEEs" have established a parallel discord server to discuss legal action against the company.

It's uncertain how the future of the MEE6 NFT project will unfold, but this is one of those unusual circumstances where there's a real business backing the project with alternative revenue streams, rather than a faceless lone creator. Perhaps the RefugEEs might find some justice - perhaps this it's just another story of the wild-west of crypto over promising and underdelivering.

You can find the MEE6 Discord server here, though be warned, the active chatters are mostly just paid shills - don't believe a word you read there, you're sure to be disappointed.