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Is SoMee The Future of Social Media?

Elon Musk isn’t the only one shaking up the social media landscape. A contender in the form of revenue-generating content creation, SoMee is paving the way for content creators to earn a passive income through generating new and unique social content.

Is SoMee Primed To Take On The Social Media Giants?

The security of our personal data is rapidly becoming a hot topic, not just in crypto circles, but everywhere there is social media. With an ever-growing emphasis on the industry giants like Facebook’s lucrative dealings with public and personal information, along with their ability to filter content as they please, focuses on privacy and censorship resistance.

Why Don't We Already Have This?
That answer is simple. When Twitter and Facebook launched their platforms, the blockchain was just a twinkle in Satoshi's eye. The implementation of blockchain technology can keep all user data private, while also bolstering transparency, to the point anyone in the world can control exactly how their personal data is used.

Founded in 2013 as, SoMee has spent the last 9 years perfecting and integrating a hybrid Web2 and Web3 model with the goal of developing a mature, multi-faceted, cross-chain, crypto-centric platform. Learning from the mistakes of many before and with an emphasis on scalability, the platform can host hundreds of millions of users earning income from their content, while also giving their audience an opportunity to earn for their engagement as well. The platform’s first blockchain Hive has been battle-tested for over 5 years.

How It Works
Every user on the platform has voting power which is determined by the amount of $SME token they have powered up on the network. SME token can be bought on Hive’s Tribal Dex or purchased through various delegated voting power-up packages within your wallet. It’s important to note that you have to make a account to earn on the Hive chain on SoMee and have purchased a few dollars of Hive to use the platform or be upvoted by whales that give you both SME and Hive. This is due to every action on the Hive chain using resource credits which deplete and replenish after 24 hours.

Creators post content and receive 50% of the revenue (after 7 days) generated from the activity surrounding that content, paid directly to their wallet. The other 50% of the revenue generated is split among the audience for their engagement upvoting the content.

The audience is paid for interacting with content?
Yes! Holders will be granted voting power in both SME and Hive, with the ability to purchase more voting power as they wish. The audience can then use their voting power to upvote, or downvote, a users’ content and earn an income for being a fan. This paves the way for everybody with a social media account to be paid for their time interacting.

A genius design feature SoMee has added to their platform, adding the revenue collected under each bit of content into post rewards. This alone brings both, creators and their audience, back to the site frequently, with 3.5 million hits logged over a 30-day span from February to March. This also unlocks a whole new revenue stream for creators besides tips and ad share. Which, SoMee will have late on in its development.

With startup grant opportunities from IBM and Amazon Web Services, along with partnerships from big names like Hive, Stratos, Presearch, Coingecko, Tipalti, Skrill, Faith Tribe, and SupraOracles (just to name a few of the couple dozen in hand) SoMee isn’t your typical social media platform. It has been strategically built with data privacy, free speech, and a revenue model for every user’s valuable time, at the helm of deliverance.

Think about this, an average yearly estimate for users is $.25 cents per friend, $.50 cents per follower, for a basic user. Now go to your favourite social media platform and do the math on your current friends and followers. Do you have a specific video that got you 1000 likes? SoMee pays you for that. Do you love interacting on social media, even if it’s minimal, just watching and liking a video? SoMee pays you for that. Are you sure who has your data and who pays for your personal information? Not a worry with SoMee.

The deeper you dive into, the more evident it becomes - mass crypto adoption needs a platform like this. The world has been begging for a platform like this, and is bringing the dream that so many hold, to reality. The future of social media has just begun and it all begins in June with SoMee’s official launch out of beta!