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Cryptopolis: The Social NFT Tower Game

Cryptopolis is a social online game where your NFT collection and in-game experience get you to the top of the tower. Make real money with the $CPO tokens by winning wager matches throughout the Tower, buying and selling NFT's, and winning tournaments. The future of NFT gaming is here.

Initial Room Offering
After 8 months of development the  30+ strong Cryptopolis team is pushing out thier alpha To celebrate, the team are doing a one-off, never to be done again initial apartment offering of their genesis apartments series. Rooms will be the most wanted and highest value assets in the game and these apartment NFTs will give players a massive edge in the game. The developers claim these plots will be "incredibly rare".

In Cryptopolis it’s planned to be possible to buy apartments from other players, gamble on pulling them from booster packs, or win them in community competitions.

The team at Cryptopolis claim their goal is to make crypto fun, to make managing digital assets fun, and they say they; "strongly believe in the future of crypto gaming"

Here is are some of the features Cryptopolis have promised:

  • After registering, players get a free small room situated in the cellars of the Cryptopolis Tower.
  • A full game tutorial will be made available before you begin.
  • An NFT marketplace will allow players to buy and sell NFTs to other players.
  • A functional friends system will facilitate communication between players.
  • Higher rooms in the Cryptopolis tower may be purchased for a fee.
  • If character customization is desired then you will be able to do so.
  • $CPO coins can be purchased in-game with fiat currency.
  • In-game, you can sell $CPO coins back to fiat currency.
  • There are three skill-based minigames where you can wager any amount of $CPO against your friends or strangers.
  • Based on experience points. To obtain higher value NFTs, you must play more to earn more experience and level your character. Cryptopolis will be powered by Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Binance Smart Chain is an established and powerful blockchain network. The reliability and safety of Cryptopolis make it a desirable DeFi game for smartphones and browsers.

How Cryptopolis Works
Cryptopolis uses a Play-to-Earn model that allows players to earn $CPO tokens by playing games and obtaining value from ultra-rare, rare, and common NFTs. By playing, players gain experience. Cryptopolis ranks players based on their experience. On the market, NFT's can be freely traded for $CPO tokens, which can then be traded on exchanges or converted into fiat currency.

XP is earned by playing the game and participating in challenges and minigames. As the player accumulates XP, he or she will be able to bid on higher value NFT's, purchase bigger rooms higher in the Cryptopolis Tower, and play more minigames in the future.

When you buy an NFT, you can display it in your room. You can also have your character wear the fashion item if it is a fashion item. Whenever another player enters your room, he has the option to tap on any NFT you display and see the purchase date, price, and similar NFTs available on the market. If the other player decides to put an offer in for your NFT you will get a notification that someone has offered you X amount of $CPO tokens to buy your NFT. Once you have accepted or declined the offer you will receive the offered $CPO tokens from the other player and the NFT transfers to the other players' inventory.

Places to Visit:
In addition to the various homes of players, Cryptopolis has much more to offer! Get your geek on in the library and check out the log of all NFT's ever created in Cryptopolis. Play Triple Threat at the Token Night Club while checking out all players' fashion NFTs. Buy your basic furniture with $CPO at the PolisStore on the seventh floor. On special days, Herb, the man behind the counter, might even offer you some tokens for your unused furniture.

At the launch of Cryptopolis, the team promises there will be three minigames available. The team plans on adding many more in the future!

Ball Battles:
Take over the field with your bouncy ball! Hop on the squares to change their color to your own. When the timer expires, the player whose color has the most squares wins the match and gains XP and $CPO. Find Ball Battles in the arena to conquer the competition.

In the NFT library, find Dr. Yukizima. Win $CPO and XP by challenging him to a chess match! As soon as you have won, you will be able to play wager matches against other players for $CPO and XP.

Triple Threat:
Play Triple Threat against two other players and risk some of your CPO! At the Token Night Club, you will be playing a game similar to Pong, but with a twist.

With all this we look forward to seeing what the future holds for Crytopolis, you can find our more on their website by clicking here